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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 30, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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we will be live in istanbul coming up. in the united states, officer darren wilson brakes ties with the ferguson police department. will it be enough to calm the still-tense situation there. and this has given people pause after all the heartache over michael brown's death. who and what is behind that snapshot. >> it is a beautiful shot. i'm george howell. >> and i'm zain asher. we want to get to the top stories. let's again in ferguson, missouri where officer darren wilson has now officially resigned. >> this comes a week after a grand jury decides not to indict him in the shooting death of michael brown. >> reporter: it is the letter that will close one chapter in the ongoing drama in ferguson. darren wilson's resignation
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comes avatfter targeted threats the police department. the safety of other police officers and the community are of paramount importance to me, he says. he explains in his letter that for obvious reasons, he wanted to wait until the grand jury decision before he resigned. >> certainly there's no wrongdoing on his part. to have resigned might have suggested he did something wrong, and he didn't. >> reporter: ferguson residents say no matter, it was inevitable that he couldn't stay. mike brown's family attorney released a statement saying i believe officer darren wilson made a personal decision that was in his best interest given the circumstances. officer wilson says he hopes that the decision will allow the community to heal. >> he's affected because he
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cares about the community and about policing. >> that report from affiliate ksdk. we're already hearing reaction from protesters in ferguson. many are saying that he should have resigned a long time ago. >> he should have been fired and in jail a long time ago for the murder of mike brown. >> took too long. >> he's 112 days too late. thank goodness, we're so glad. he should have been fired on day one. once all the word came out on him shooting mike brown, i think they should have not put him on leave, and he should have resigned or they should have fired hill. >> . >> there's no doubt that officer wilson's life has changed dramatically in the past few months. he moves from house to house, fearing for his safety just as he has since that deadly
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confrontation. the grand jury's refusal to indict him has done nothing to change his life in the shadows. >> reporter: despite not being indicted by the grand jury or charged in the shooting of michael brown, darren wilson is still living a life in hiding, something his lawyers say has now gone on for months. cnn has learned it began just days after the shooting in august when officer wilson was mowing his lawn. he got a call telling him his home address was circulating online. within three hours he was packed and gone. he had to leave the grass literally half mowed and had to go into hiding because there are death threats against him. >> reporter: since that day in august, wilson has moved from house to house, even staying for a short time with one of his lawyers. he says he's changed his appearance, growing a beard at one point. when he goes out, his lawyers say, he often goes to movies, which offers time cloaked in darkness. in an interview with george
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stephanopoulos he talked about his precautions. >> from where you sit in a restaurant to where you drive. you have to make sure no one's following you, everything. you see someone look at you and lean over and tell someone a secret and that person looks at you, and you wonder, do they know who i am. >> reporter: likely his address was published online inadvertently due do his marriage license. immediately after the shooting he wanted to return to his job as a police officer. one of his attorneys told him if he did he could be executed in a blind alley. >> it's not a great leap to think that if officer wilson were to start patrolling the streets of ferguson again that somebody sees what shift he's on, makes a call and pulls him into a bad situation. >> reporter: as to his future, an expert says he would be
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prudent to cnge his name and appearance, put his property in a trust so it can be shielded from public view and that le always have to be sharpening his awareness, his alertness. he'll likely be looking over his shoulder for quite some time. brian todd, cnn, washington. protesters were back on the streets of ferguson on saturday night and so were police men and national guards men. but there are no reports of arrests. >> it's been very calm and peaceful for the last few days. others are marching to the missouri state capital about 120 miles or 190 kilometers. if you walk straight without stopping, it would probably take but a day and a half. they started on saturday after gathering at the apartment complex where michael brown was shot and killed, and they will be on the road for nearly a week. so they're going to be taking breaks in between. coming up later in this hour, he assisted in one of
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those autopsies on michael brown, but there are questions about his qualifications. and some are calling him a total fraud. we'll hear what shawn parcels has to say about those accusations against him. we want to go now to turkey where pope francis is in the final stages of his three-day visit. right now he's offering a public blessing. you're looking at live pictures by the way. he's with the spiritual leader of orthodox christians in istanbul, turkey. >> earlier, pope francis met privately with turkey's chief rabbi as part of his push for interfaith dialog and understanding. arwa damon is live with more on the pope's trip. if you could tell us, what is the impact the pope's presence is having there in that predominantly muslim country? >> reporter: well, the core message from the pope's visit
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has been one of unity, whether it's unity across the different schools within christianity or perhaps more importantly at this vital stage in history in the need for unity and interfaith dialog between christians and muslims. as for reaction, we heard from president erdogan during the pope's first day, with erdogan saying that he, at least, believed that the pope's visit would have a positive impact on muslims. the pope has been meeting with various different muslim leaders in turkey. and they have all shared that message of a need for dialog. but whether or not that actually transforms itself into real coherent dialog that is going to somehow bring an end to the violence that has ravaged this region, the sad reality is that is highly unlikely at this stage, but the intent is to at least put into place those initial building blocks and try to establish some sort of a
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coalition of the mainstream to act as a counter balance for this radical muslim ideology that has really forced christians shall the vast majority of them to flee from their homes and countries in iraq and syria in the last decade. it was initially al qaeda and now we have isis directly threaten being the lives of christians, those that do choose to stay in those two countries are doing so at their own risk or paying a protection tax. the overarching issue of bringing an end to the violence is strong. >> what are people saying there on the streets? what's the reaction to have the pope there thin that country?
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>> reporter: a lot of people we are talking to are fairly unresponsive. yes, we have been seeing small crowds of the pious gathering outside. but you're not seeing those massive crowds that you do in other predominantly christian countries, lining the streets, coming out to dwreet the pope. in fact, a lot of individuals we were speaking to weren't aware that he was visiting. that being said it is being covered extensively by the local news outlets. the message that they're trying to put out is not necessarily targeting the muslim population, it's a platform to direct that message to the muslim community as a whole. this is the opportunity that this trip is providing for the pope. the symbolism behind it, but the
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message very much not confined to within these borders but really trying to reach out now across those massive divides between christianity and we do expect the pope to be visiting with refugees later on in the day. >> arwa damon reporting live in turkey. we appreciate your reporting there. okay we move from istanbul to turkey's border with syria. the city of ca bauny in syria was the scene of heavy fighting on saturday. take a look at this video. you're looking at a scene of destruction. they are battling for control of this city near the turkish border. an observation group says that 40 fighters on both sides were killed. this has been going on for months now. and isis fired at least 110 shells into the area.
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yeah, it's been the scene of intense fighting for quite some time now. five u.s.-led coalition air strikes targeted positions within the city. they have been fighting for control of kobani since september. the taliban is stepping up its attack on the u.s. in kabul they stormed a home for aid workers and fought a three-hour battle. two aid workers were killed in that battle before afghan troops killed the three attackers. and weeks after british forces pulled out, there was a clash there as well. protests turn deadly in cairo. hosni mubarak is cleared of murder charges. >> the mubarak murder case may
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and welcome back. egypt's prosecutor general says he will appeal the decision to
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dismiss the charges against hosni mubarak. this is the response in egypt. several others were injured and two dead. >> ian, the prosecutor is likely going to appeal this case, but how realistic at all that there's going to be a third attempt to prosecute mubarak. >> reporter: well, zain, it's going to be difficult for the prosecutor to move forward with this appeal process. of the court has, the judge said that the courts didn't have the jurisdiction to try this case. he released a 1430 page explanation of the verdict, a bit of light reading there, saying why he believed the court didn't have the jurts dix. it will be interesting to see if
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the next court that does pick this up, if they agree with that decision or if the courts do in fact have the jurisdiction to try him. but this is going to be a long process, if it is accepted. this last appeals process took over two years for this verdict or this acquittal to come down. so it's likely, if they do accept this, it won't be until 2017, when we see the next verdict, zain. >> wow. and it's already within a long, drawn-out process, it was back in 2011, early 2011, when mubarak was forced to step done. but i do want to ask you. we've seen a return to power from a lot of people associated with mubarak's regime. president cici was part of his
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regime. >> reporter: if we look at the last two verdicts, the two verdicts that have come down in this case, they really do reflect the signs of the team. the first verdict, when we saw mubarak found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, this is when we saw the rise of the muslim brotherhood. they were coming to power, about to take the presidency as well. and now this time, with this verdict, you have a president who was mubarak's former intelligence, military intelligence chief, so when you do look at the verdicts, they do reflect the signs of the time. and the protesters are upset about this. they do believe this verdict was politicized. and they aren't happy with it. talking to them, they said they're going to remain in the streets. but looking out there today we haven't seen anything yet. >> i'm sure a lot of the relatives of protesters who were killed back in 2011 during the arab spring are certainly demanding answers now.
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thank you. we appreciate it. some bad news to share about a doctor who contracted ebola. he has gotten sec eten sicker. that is according to italy's organization for diseases. >> doctors say he was stable, but now his condition has slowly deteriorated. by the way, the number of ebola cases has risen significantly this past week. >> the world health organization now says there are 16,000 confirmed, suspected or probable cases of the virus. most of the cases have been in guinea, liberia or sierra leone. the w.h.o. says nearly 7,000 people so far have died from ebola. >> liberia still remains the hardest-hit country, but the u.n. says the situation in liberia has actually been stabilizing for the past
2:19 am
photograph weeks. so that's some good news, some gliper of home there. >> it has been a long battle for west africans dealing with this disease. liberia talk cnn talked to those returning from the front lines of the fight. >> it's affected the lives of many people. many have died, including health care workers. that has brought our regular health care service to a halt, because health workers were afraid to go and treat anybody.
2:20 am
we had to close schools, and that meant, that means that most of our young people, most of our children, you know, are now suffering a psychological effect of having to stay home. in those difficult days, we were the poster child of intensity of this disease. this country prayed, all the churches went to prayers, it is a very strongly religious nation. today we thank god that our communities have taken charge. we're much more experienced.
2:21 am
our health workers are back at work. we're settling our issues. we see positive signs that we're bringing this epidemic under control. the overall number of health care workers, there are something like 8,000 plus, all over the country. not all of them are trained, and certainly, most of the facilities are not up to the level where they can provide efficient health service. we're making sure that unlike initially, that they have enough protective gear. took us a while, given our circumstances, but now we think we're responding quite well to the needs of our health care workers. >> to see the faces and images of what people are dealing with,
2:22 am
it's very impactful. if you want to learn more about how you can fight against the ebola outbreak, go to our website where you will find a number of organizations on the ground, in the fight in west africa. coming up on cnn, could california be getting some much-needed help with its drought. plus the latest on the volvo ocean race as sailors there experience turbulent waters, coming up. bonus for cash. do i need to have a certain amount? nope, now you can redeem your cashback for any amount, any time. that's great. yeah, you can use it for a statement credit or even get the cash. nice. i could use that extra cash for a last-minute gift... one less thing hanging over your head, right? tell me about it. (to guy.) gary, you got to go. who's gary? a mistake from last year coming back around again... too much egg nog! yes! laaaaa... at discover we treat you like you'd treat you. now redeem your cashback for any amount, any time. get it at
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okay. welcome back, everyone. there's been a long drought in california. pretty much the worst drought they've ever experienced. but now we're getting some much-needed rain. there's a storm on the way. >> you know they want this rain there. >> they are thirsty in california. and we are going to provide. how about that? we've got some rain coming for these guys. we have a low pressure system that's formed across the pacific, just off the west coast of the united states. and what this is doing is feeding in moisture across the coastal areas of california, bringing light showers to the region at the moment. but there's more impressive rainfall that's going to come through the middle of this upcoming workweek, bringing more coastal rain and we'll talk about rainfall totals in just one minute. but we're going to see this
2:26 am
trough deepen over the western half of the united states. already seeing some rainfall across california, the drought-stricken state from san francisco to the snonorth, mounn snowfalls. great news. and we're expecting a couple feet of snow in the higher elevations. as we move further, further south, you can see on the precipitation forecast that there's not a whole lot of precipitation to contend with through monday. but the storm system's still off the coast. so we have to be patient. tuesday, wednesday, and thursday is when it's going to move onshore and bring us rainfall. the totals looking pretty good. we've only received about 5 millimeters of rain. we should experience out of this storm upwards of 27 millimeters. that's about 1 inch for los angeles and more amounts near san francisco and further to the north. and we could experience between 5 and 6 inches north of the san francisco bay arearea, in fact.
2:27 am
we had the volvo ocean race catapult themselves around a cyclone in the southwest indian ocean. take a look at some of this footage. that is visuals of these guys traveling between 35 and 45 kilometers per hour. impressive stuff, unfortunately, not affiliated with this cyclone, one of the leading boats ran aground on a reef just outside of mauritius. that boat valued at $6 million. abandoning boat in shark-infested waters. >> when you're in the middle of the indian ocean, that can't be good. i would have given up. >> it looked intense. and you have that expensive of a boot out there.
2:28 am
okay. a key question in washington. who will be the next u.s. defense secretary? in fact, george is thinking of applying, aren't you, george? >> i didn't know i am. it seems no one wants to step up to the job. plus a story of survival, coming up after this. ak protectn from the experts in feminine protection. new always discreet underwear, for sensitive bladders. only always discreet underwear has soft, dual leakguard barriers, to help stop leaks where they happen most. plus a discreet fit that hugs your curves. you barely feel it. new always discreet. now bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. visit for coupons and your free sample.
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everyone, we're your anchor team for the next 30 minutes. it's just gone 5:30. >> the headlines at this hour, pope francis's time in turkey is
2:32 am
just about over. he just offered up a public blessing outside the patriarchal church near st. george. later, the pope plans to meet with school children before heading home. the goal of this trip is to strengthen interfaith ties. darren wilson has resigned from the ferguson police force nearly a week after a grand jury declined to indict him in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. now wilson spoke to the st. louis dispatch newspaper and said that the department was threatened with violence if he stayed on the force. isis militants continue to battle it out for control of the city oof kobani. at least fighters from both sides were killed on saturday.
2:33 am
five u.s.-led coalition air strikes targeted positions in that city. the white house has a big problem on its hands now trying to find someone to row place the outgoing chuck hagel. >> chuck hagel was pushed out this week. and there's a growing sense that many potential candidates may be shying away from taking this job. here's our barbara starr. >> reporter: who's in, who's out? the question may really be, who wants the job? president obama scrambling for his fourth defense secretary in six years. the short list of candidates includes homeland security sent jake johnson, the former top pentagon lawyer, but his key role could mean an explosive hearing. and ashton carter, well regarded but with limited international
2:34 am
experience. >> the next secretary is going to have big shoes to fill. >> reporter: a top priority, dealing with the war on isis, caught between president obama's insis tense on no combat troops and the senator who will run the hearing, republican john mccain, a leading voice for a more assertive military strategy against isis. >> there's going to be a gradual escalation. they're going to have to send more over there. they're going to have to have special forces people. we're going to have to have trainers. >> reporter: one advantage for choosing johnson? he is already steeped in isis, telling cnn in a recent interview -- >> the new phenomenon that i'm concerned about is somebody who's never met another member of that terrorist organization, never trained at one of the camps, who is simply inspired by the social media, the literature, the propaganda, the message to commit an act of
2:35 am
violence in this country. >> reporter: some say michelle flournoy withdrew her name, not wanting to deal with white house micro management which had frustrated hagel, the same complaint raised by his two predecessors just days before hagel resigned. >> it was that meek ricro manag that drove me crazy. >> the staff has probably already in many ways determined what the president should or shouldn't do. >> reporter: but gates, perhaps the most telling. >> i was touring headquarters in kabul and discovered a direct line to somebody on the nsc. and i had them tear it out while i was standing there. [ laughter ] and i told the commanders, you
2:36 am
get a call from the white house, you tell them to go to hell and call me. >> reporter: the president always could decide to shuffle some pentagon official into the top job. but he fired sent hagel people say because he wanted a new direct. so so he will have to make a new choice, possibly someone nobody has thought of. on to nigeria where the president is ordering a full investigation into the attack on friday on a mosque. at least 120 people were killed in that attack as worshippers gathered to pray. our reporter spoke with one of the survivors. >> reporter: shots. smoke. hundreds flee after three explosions hit a mosque in northeast nigeria's largest
2:37 am
city. so far dozens are dead. and survivors say what they saw was horrific. >> the mosque, there was a sound of a bomb, explosion. >> reporter: did you see the gunman? >> i saw one of them. he had a scarf all around his head. you could only see his eyes. i saw dead bodies all around, everywhere. human parts, littered all over the place. i had to runaway. you know when you're running for your life, you don't have time to start looking everywhere. i was just thinking about my life. >> reporter: a man overpowered some of the gunmen and killed them. no one has claimed responsibility for friday's attack, but the military group boko haram has fought over this area in recent years, including in 2012 in an attack that killed 180 people in a single day.
2:38 am
the religious leader has encouraged vigilante attacks against boko haram. >> he urged people to arm themselves and supported vigilante movements which have sprung up across the northeast to battle-b boko haram. >> reporter: all these are images of friday's attack. and as a full investigation is called for, he expresses condolences. lives destroyed and the men, women and children who must heal. jessica king, cnn. >> and boko haram has killed about 2,000 people so far. president goodluck jonathan calling on people to unite to fight the enemy. a court in qatar had found a
2:39 am
couple guilty of starving their child to death. condolences are flooding in for an australian cricketer, phil hughes. >> he would have turned 26 today. ahead, there are serious questions about the man who helped perform michael brown's autopsy. not only is he being called a fraud, but when cnn interviewed him, he got fiery. you'll hear that interview, coming up. ♪ just look at those two. happy. in love. and saving so much money on their car insurance by switching to geico... well, just look at this setting. do you have the ring? oh, helzberg diamonds. another beautiful setting. i'm not crying. i've just got a bit of sand in my eyes, that's all. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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this is a tough story to tell. a 13-year-old boy has now been reunited with his mother four years after he had been reported missing. >> where he was found is unbelievable. they found him inside a house not far from us here in atlanta. he was hidden inside a false wall. ryan krueger with wxliatv has this story. >> reporter: julie had no idea that the 13-year-old boy who her son played with every day at this house was being held against his will. >> it was a shock to all of us, honestly. they were really nice people, open, like hey, come over anytime you want. >> reporter: according to clayton county police, the 13-year-old was kept behind this fake wall. they moved to this house about six months ago. they saw the boy out here all the tile out in the yard, but
2:43 am
they had no idea he was being held captive. >> the mother told me he was home schooled. i didn't question as far as why he was always home. >> reporter: ocono lives across the street. he tells us he and his wife saw the boy nearly every day. but now he's left wondering if there were any warning signs that they missed. >> gosh, it's right up under our nose, we could have done something if we had known. >> you just never know behind closed doors. >> reporter: in jonesboro, ryan krueger. 11 alive news. michael brown's family commissioned a private autopsy after he was killed by officer wilson. shawn parcels assisted with that autopsy. >> but he's now the subject of scrutiny himself as questions have now emerged about his
2:44 am
qualifications. here's our elizabeth cohen. >> reporter: the ferguson, missouri case created a media star out of an assistant pathologist, but he may not be exactly what he appears to be. out of the death and violence in ferguson, missouri, a media star for a man named shawn parcels. >> two gunshot wounds to the head, indicating that mr. brown was bending over, as they were coming down. >> we're back with shawn parcels, who assisted in the autopsy. >> reporter: even here on cnn. he's appeared in the media time and again as a forensic pathology expert. we know he assisted dr. baden in the private autopsy. baden said he was a good assistant. parcels is not a doctor.
2:45 am
we know he calls himself a forensics medical consultant, a medical investigator and a professor. but is he what he says he is. so you call yourself a professor. >> yes. >> reporter: where are you a profess professor. >> at washburn, university in topeka, kansas. >> reporter: we contacted washburn university. while he has spoken to students, he is not and has never been an add junts professor. he never sent us that contract. he later said it was proprietary. >> i see him as a fraud. i mean, that's the best word i would say to describe shawn parcel to me. >> manipulator. >> very good con artist is the way i'd put it. >> reporter: in missouri they say shawn parcels performed an
2:46 am
autopsy procedure in a criminal case without a doctor present. so he introduced himself as a pathologist, as a medical doctor. >> that is correct. >> reporter: and he seemed believable? >> very well. >> reporter: you two are both experienced law enforcement officers, and even you were duped? >> that's right. >> reporter: the deputies say without a medical doctor's signature on the autopsy report, it's not valid. it's been more than two years since the crime, can you move forward with the prosecution? >> we cannot move forward at this time with that case at all. >> reporter: why not? >> the autopsy was not performed legally. so we cannot use any evidence found from the autopsy in a court of law to be used to prosecute any suspects on the case. >> reporter: that means bobby forester, suspected of killing his grandfather was set free and he went on to beat up his grandmother. he never told the deputies he
2:47 am
was a doctor. >> they want to think i'm doctor, that's their issue. people may assume stuff all the time and they may never ask. it's bad that they're assuming and that they never ask. >> reporter: parcells says he's supervised by medical doctors, but they're often not present. >> sometimes the pathologist is there, and sometimes they're not. >> reporter: you're not an m.d. >> i'm not an m.d. >> reporter: but's legal for you to be cutting up bodies, taking organs out, making observations? >> yes. >> reporter: this, even though a letter on his own company's letterhead states ungivically that the attending pathologist is present at all times. we always have the attending pathologist present and directing the autopsy
2:48 am
examination. and if you think that's shocking, the owners of this funeral home says that he was to do an autopsy on an unidentified body but didn't show up. mag gots appeared. he hasn't heard from parcells in more than a year. when we asked where was the body, we got a barrage of obscenities. >> holy [ bleep ]. excuse my language. [ bleep ]. he ignores me. he's a bla[ bleep ]. you want to be truthful? he's a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: he added that the coroner can pick up the body from his morgue in topeka at any time. why haven't they gone after him? dr. mary case, chief medical examiner for st. louis county says prosecutors might be worry
2:49 am
ed. some may have used his autopsy reports to get convictions, convictions they don't want overturned. >> it could be a problem for that prosecuting attorney if they have prosecuted somebody based on shawn's findings. that's a problem. >> reporter: so no one wants to go after him. >> no one has. no one has to this point. >> reporter: a county in missouri did file a complaint with the state's medical licensing board saying they expected a pathologist to be at the procedure but instead, parcells did it on his own. they closed the action without telling us why. >> parcells tell us s us the forester's case was doomed from the start. the sheriff's office says that
2:50 am
parcells never asked for the records. it's a christmas light display that the neighbors might not like. >> i don't think they will like it at all. but it is getting worldwide recognition. we'll show it to you next. ♪ (holiday music is playing) hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today. takyou haven't seen ep like... your bed in days. no, like you haven't seen a bed in weeks! zzzquil. the non habit forming sleep-aid that helps you sleep easily and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing.
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there has been another tragedy in the world of cricket. an umpire in israel died after suffering a head injury during a game. >> this happened on saturday. according to reuters, he
2:53 am
suffered a catastrophic head wound when he was hit in the neck by a ball. it had ricocheted off equipment on the ground after the batsman hit it. he later died from his injuries at a local hospital. the umpire's death comes days after a similar accident happened to phil hughes. he was struck by a ball and would have turned 26 today. >> his team postponed their match for the team to come to terms. other sports are honoring hughes. the rugby team for australia paid tribute to him. and footballers had their own moment of silence for hughes. all right, a different story
2:54 am
a man known as mr. christmas here in the united states. it's kind of interesting, he has this really wild display on his front lawn. >> he's done it for several years, and it's gaining worldwide attention. eric rosales has more. >> reporter: it's a display like no other. ♪ for tony, a/k/a, mr. crihristma deck craorating starts septembe. >> we really don't have halloween. >> reporter: decorating is a family affair. >> one, two, three, there you go. >> reporter: while the boys check and double-check the 700 or more extension cords, tony's wife, a computer whiz is charge of the computers, six of them,
2:55 am
which control the lights all synchronized to music. >> i like taking it back to the old school days where you really couldn't go get this. so if you wanted it you made it. >> reporter: his collection got started in 2005 with these three little snow men. he nicknamed them his three musketeers. his most prized possession is this 1970s nativity scene. >> we believe in jesus, we believe he's the reason for the season. >> reporter: he's launching a charity, a chance to spread cheer to those less fortunate in the community. >> we want to put decorations in the yard, dinner, and every member of the family gettess a gift, not just the children. one of the most uncomfortable conversations that takes place,
2:56 am
when dad dies, who gets to keep the lights. >> reporter: he hopes that's a dilemma that no one will have to worry about for a long time. >> when dad dies who gets to keep the lights? seriously? we turn now back to ferguson to show you even amidst tragedy and anger it's proof that there can be tender and hopeful moments. this came in the aftermath of the protests in ferguson, missouri. take a look here. a 12-year-old african-american boy, tears streaming down his face, hugging a white police officer. this is in portland, oregon. the boy, devontae hart, was holding signs offering free hugs. >> it's a powerful image. it speaks for itself all the things we've seen in ferguson. this is one that speaks volumes. the news continues after this.
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he's 112 days late. thank goodness. we're so glad. >> officer darren wilson no longer an officer. the man who shot and killed mike april brown resigns from the ferguson police department but a lot of people are asking what took so long. we opened the compartment where he was and saw him and asked him to come forward and he was horrified. >> found after nearly four years, a georgia boy texts his mother from inside the house he was held captive. what happened next is just astonishing. >